Office Refurbishment Checklist

Office Refurbishment Checklist

Office refurbishments are second nature to us, but we understand that they might not be to you. Nevertheless, a refurb is an exciting time for your business, and we can help to make it even more enjoyable!

It goes without saying that by picking us to deliver your office refurbishment, we can make sure it's a resounding success. However, we've also produced this office refurbishment checklist to help you if you're on the fence about a refurbishment, and to also give you some insight into what to expect and the decisions to be made during the process.

Office Refurbishment Checklist:

Important Considerations

Increased productivity? Improved staff wellbeing? Better cross-team collaboration? Which targets are you looking to achieve with your office refurbishment?

Increased productivity? Improved staff wellbeing? Better cross-team collaboration? Which targets are you looking to achieve with your office refurbishment?

1. Identify the reasons for your refurbishment

One of the first steps in the office refurbishment process is to identify the reason why you're considering a refurb, and the objectives you have.

It might be to improve the productivity of your staff, to accommodate for the recruitment of new employees, or even to reflect a rebrand of your business.

Whatever the reasons, briefing your designer partner on your objectives and motivations for your refurbishment will give them the information they need to create the perfect tailored solution.

2. Explore payment options

It's a common misconception that businesses need to pay for their project in full and up front, when in fact it's possible to lease your full project, including the interior design, fit out, furniture, new technology and more!

We've identified the benefits of leasing your project before, but in short, it can give you much more scope to work with a bigger budget. It also takes the strain off of your business' finances which allows you to continue investing in other areas that may need it.


3. Decide on a budget

Deciding on your method of payment will help your business to decide on a budget. It's important that you take the time to sit down and make some realistic estimations as to how much you can, and want, to allocate to your refurbishment.

The figure you decide on will influence the features and finishes you can achieve with your refurbished space. It's not the fun part, we know, but getting this decision made will allow you to focus on the exciting elements of the project!

4. Find your office Design & Build partner

It's important that you find the right office refurbishment company to deliver your office refurbishment project. From design to fit out, you want to invest in a partner that will complete your project on time and to the high standards that you expect.

We strongly advise working with a single company (like us!) who can provide a turnkey solution in the delivery of your space.

A turnkey solution means we can deliver every element of the project from start to finish, giving you a single point of contact throughout the process and relieving you of the headache of managing the project yourself!

THE Benefits of an Office Refurbishment

Breathe a new lease of life into a space to refresh your work environment

Breathe a new lease of life into a space to refresh your work environment

If you're on the fence about an office refurbishment, there are endless reasons to justify an investment into your office space:

Optimisation of your office space

If you've experienced changes to the size of your team since first occupying your office space, it's likely that you need to accommodate for more employees and perhaps even adapt to new methods of working.

A great benefit of an office refurbishment is that it gives you the chance to re-evaluate the layout of your space as it currently stands and optimise it accordingly.

A workplace consultant can help you to get the most out of this process as they will take the time to evaluate the way each of your employees use their individual workspace but also how the rest of the office space is utilised.

This will aid any interior designers working on your office refurbishment, as they’ll be able to ensure your new space resolves any of the current issues you face and optimise any unused spaces.

Here at Absolute, our workplace consultant works closely with our design team to make sure the space we create works exactly the way you need it to.

Attracting and retaining the best employees

An inspirational office space is more in demand by employees than ever before. Businesses are becoming savvy to the importance of having a great office space and are providing their staff with creative, flexible and inspirational work environments as a result! Is yours up to scratch?

Refurbishing your office space means that you can completely redesign the space with your employees and potential candidates in mind.

A work environment that’s head and shoulders above the rest can help to attract the very best candidates to come and work for your company, whilst simultaneously aiding in the retention in your top talent.

Breakout Space with Table Tennis, pool and video games

You Can Boost the Productivity of Your Staff

A brand-spanking new office refurbishment can be great for team morale, motivation and productivity.

The office environment has a huge impact on the productivity the workers within it and a refurbishment can make incredible improvements to the space you have available.

When done well, an office refurbishment provides you with an ergonomic and optimised space designed to help your employees perform their very best at work and aid their sense of wellbeing in the workplace.

This is great at ensuring that your staff love coming to work, every single day!

Strengthens Your Brand Identity

Your office space is an extension of your brand and brand identity is just as important within it as it is throughout other aspects of your business.

As we previously discussed in our branding guide, branding in the workplace gives your team a sense of belonging and purpose, and it can be great for increased motivation!

The perception of your brand is also a great influencer on your clients and you want to make sure that they’re first visit to your space is one that will resonate with them long after they leave the building.

We pride ourselves on offering a solutions-driven and turnkey approach to carry out your full project for you. From concept to reality, we can deliver your vision for your business.

Take a look at the office projects we have previously worked on for some insight into the different interiors we’ve transformed.