Leasing: A Better Way to Finance your Office Fit Out Project

Finance: A Better Way to Deliver your Office Project

An office fit out is an exciting process for any company. It's an opportunity to create a bespoke and productive work environment for you and your team to thrive in, and one that will help take your business from strength to strength.

But to develop your office space to its full potential, the last thing you want is for cost to get in the way, right?

Taking the stress away

Budget is naturally an important factor when it comes to investing in your business. An office design and build project is a big investment after all, but limitations to budget can result in projects being delayed or scaled back. Some businesses don't even approach the subject with the assumption that it won't work for their company's finances!

However, we've developed a strong relationship with Bluestone Leasing to help you make a worthy investment in your business's workspace. Bluestone are able to provide you with a sensible leasing option designed to benefit organisations just like yours, and it's an approach that is able to open doors for many companies.

An opportunity to invest more in your business

Financing can give your business the opportunity to improve and invest in your office space without having to pay the full cost upfront. The benefits of leasing an office project are so great that it’s often also the preferred option for companies who do have the means to pay for their project in full.

How can finance benefit your office fit out project?

Squeeze more out of your business by leasing your office fit out project

Squeeze more out of your business by leasing your office fit out project

Tax benefits

Leasing your office fit out means that all the costs included in the project are 100% tax deductible. This means that you might actually save your business money by opting to pay for your fit out monthly instead of all in one go.

Increased budget

Rather than missing out on beneficial workplace features, take some pressure off your budget by leasing the cost of the fit out. With tax savings and the ability to spread the cost over time, businesses are often able to get more out of their project instead of having to compromise too much – if at all!

Releasing capital

Instead of putting all of your resources into your new office interior, you can release capital to be spent on other aspects of your business. This lets you invest in more than just one area of your company.

Spread VAT costs

Paying for a project in full means that VAT payments need to be paid in full too. In contrast to this, financing your office project allows you to spread the cost of VAT on a monthly basis too.

Lease the full project

You might be surprised at the different elements that can be leased for your project. From the furniture you choose and the paint on the walls to the new security system you might install – all can be financed to make life as easy and simple as possible for your business!

Give your team a creative and productive space to work in //  Engage, Leeds

Give your team a creative and productive space to work in // Engage, Leeds

Many companies are steering away from traditional payment methods that put a strain on finances and instead moving to ways that help their money to go further. Why pay a large upfront cost for a depreciating asset, when you can pay a monthly fee that works for you and your business? Attitudes towards financing are changing, and with good reason.

Our specialist partner, Bluestone Leasing, is the largest, independent provider of finance for fit out projects in the UK. With over 20 years of experience, access to a huge funding panel, and multi-award-winning services and support, they secure funding for over 92% of the projects they work on.

Could this financing option help you to improve your workspace? Chat to us to find out how we can turn your office into a high-performing and productive environment!