Using Interior Design to Enhance the Trust of Patients in the Healthcare Industry

Using Interior Design to Enhance the Trust of Patients in the Healthcare Design

Would you go ahead with a health-related treatment if you didn't trust the medical practitioner? Probably not, and that's indicative of the relationship between patients and professionals in the healthcare industry relying on trust.

Enhancing patient trust is hugely important to your healthcare practice for a number of reasons. Firstly, the healthcare industry becomes a lot more efficient when your patients are trusting, as less time is spent reassuring patients and decisions can be made much quicker.

Secondly, greater levels of trust enhance your customer’s experience, which in turn benefits the success of your business through returning customers and recommendations. And thirdly, trust also reduces the worry and anxiety of your patients, which can actually aid their recovery after a treatment or operation!

Little as we know about the way in which we are affected by form and colour and light, we do know this: that they have an actual and physical effect. Variety of form and brilliance of colour in the objects presented to patients are an actual means of recovery.
— Florence Nightingale

Trust in a business is built on many factors, but an often-overlooked influence on trust is the interior design of a space. Excellent design in the healthcare industry is extremely valuable, with studies even showing that your patients can make a quicker recovery when spending time in a refurbished facility when compared to an older one. So, if you have a service that patients can trust, how can your healthcare business utilise interior design to enhance this further?


Trust-Enhancing Interior Design Considerations for Medical Practices

Professional interiors reflect a professional service

A crisp and contemporary interior for  IMI Clinic, Leeds

A crisp and contemporary interior for IMI Clinic, Leeds

The standard of interior design for healthcare facilities speaks volumes about individual medical practices. Many of us naturally associate quality interiors with quality products and services, and interior design contributes to the overall judgement that we make about a business.

In the healthcare industry, you rely on the trust and consent of your patients to be able to carry out your services efficiently, so it's important that your practices are giving the right impression through the environment that your patients are interacting with.

As a medical practice, you should consider how you want to portray and promote your facilities and make sure that your interior is a reflection of service standards. Selecting equipment and furniture that fits in with your business' overall brand image helps to gain the trust of your patients.

Bright spaces help to create a welcoming atmosphere

A bright and welcoming design for Ashfield Healthcare

A bright and welcoming design for Ashfield Healthcare

Your medical practice can enhance patient trust further by providing an interior that makes them feel welcome and relaxed. It's time to leave the cold and hostile healthcare environments in the past, and the subsequent feelings of stress, anxiety and uncertainty with it.

Instead, having an interior designed around your patients can help them to feel at ease. Bright interiors often portray a welcoming space, so light, cheerful colour schemes and furnishings can help shape a positive and inspiring environment for patients and practitioners alike.

A comfortable environment gives your patients confidence


The physical comfort of your patients also contributes to their overall feelings of trust. Everything from your waiting room, right through to the dental chair or hospital bed, need to be comfortable in order to help your patients feel at ease and inspire confidence in the service you are providing for them.

As a healthcare business, you should carefully consider the ergonomics of your space and how your patients will be interacting with the furniture within it.

When a comfortable environment is paired with professional advice and a friendly approach from your healthcare professionals, patients are more likely to place their trust in the advice and service that you are offering to them.

Thoughtful healthcare interior design solutions are developed around patient needs, as well as that of the practitioners within your medical practice. Here at Absolute, we're experienced in the design and build of healthcare interiors, and we can create a space that works for you and your patients! Get in touch to discuss your business with us.