Inspiring Leisure, Healthcare & Education Interiors


Our commercial interior expertise has aided us in transforming interiors in the leisure, healthcare and education industries. No matter the nature or scale of your business, we can design, fit out, and refurbish spaces to make them more efficient and inspiring for users of the space.


Leisure Interior Design & Fit Out

Experience is an integral part of the leisure industry, which relies on good customer experience for continued business. Interior design is an important consideration as it has a large impact on the overall experience that people have with a business. We can create an inspirational interior to positively impact people’s experience with your leisure facility and help them to get the most out of your space. We consider everything from the practicalities required from your space, innovative leisure furniture, and the design-led extras that will help your leisure facility stand out from the rest.


Healthcare Interior Design & Fit Out

We design healthcare interiors that reflect the quality of care that medical practices are dedicated to providing. The innovative healthcare interior design that we do focuses on: functionality, flexibility, longevity, cleanliness, and comfort, to benefit patients and staff alike. Considering your specific medical practice and interior space, our design team will create a thoughtful interior to accommodate your staff and patients and go that little bit further in shaping their experience with you, including sourcing the right furniture to ensure your clients are comfortable in the healthcare environment.


Education Interior Design & Fit Out

Well-designed and motivational spaces are extremely important in the education sector. Environment has a huge impact on pupils and, done the right way, can inject inspiration and concentration into students. Our design team will take the time to understand your school and find out just what you want and need from the space to produce the perfect education interior for your school, pre-school, or nursery. They’ll identify solutions you won’t even have considered before!


See the results

We can do more than talk about our work, we can show you. Take a look at our leisure, healthcare and education portfolio to see the interiors we have created!