Five Office Design Trends to Look Out For in 2019

Five Office Design Trends to Look Out For in 2019

The start of the year is always an incredibly exciting time in our commercial interior world and our interior designers are busy working on projects for a wide variety of clients. In doing so, we're utilising some fantastic office interior design ideas for businesses, including trends we're expecting to see even more of throughout 2019.

When it comes to office design, there's no team more clued up than our in-house team of expert interior designers, so we've picked their knowledgeable brains to share some top office design trends of 2019 with you:

1. Pops of Colour

Create a Vibrant Workspace //  ResearchBods, Leeds

Create a Vibrant Workspace // ResearchBods, Leeds

Minimalist tones aren't out, but pops of colour are certainly in! Colour is becoming more desirable within the workplace and it offers some inspiring and creative vibrancy to workers, as well as being a great way of bringing an office interior in line with the branding of a business. We're expecting to see and use more coloured metals and timber frames with the growing colour trend, as furniture suppliers are finding it easier to powder coat their metals and paint their timbers. You don't need to go overboard to introduce some colour into your office though, as pops of colour can be used alongside the neutral and minimalist colour schemes that we so love, instead helping to balance out these tones with some vibrancy.

2. Spaces Tailored to Activity-Based Working

Breakout Areas to Promote Wellbeing //  CNG, Harrogate

Breakout Areas to Promote Wellbeing // CNG, Harrogate

Office interior design trends are not limited to the way that a space looks but also focus on the way that it functions. This year's trends are concentrating on the experience that employees and customers are having within a space, and interior designers are offering proposals to clients that promote activity-based working (ABW). ABW recognises that people prefer to carry out work activities in different settings, and there are endless benefits to offering employees an ABW environment, including increased productivity.

Our designers cater to ABW by including different breakout, collaborative and private spaces for employees to be able to spend time in depending on the task at hand and their preferred method of working. Additionally, an increasing number of offices are including gymnasiums, coffee shops and even games rooms within the workplace. We expect to see more of this for our office-based clients who are placing more emphasis on employee wellbeing at work.

3. Creative Comfort with Resimercial Design

Creative Furniture with Comfort and Ergonomics in Mind //  CNG, Harrogate

Creative Furniture with Comfort and Ergonomics in Mind // CNG, Harrogate

Comfort is always extremely important within an office. Employees working in an office need the level of comfort that will allow them to work with ease and productivity. Many employees would prefer to work from home as they can avoid office distractions, but this means that they miss out on the collaborative benefits of the office. Resimercial design, however, literally combines residential and commercial design to bring those favoured home comforts to the office. Rather than making the office look like a residential home, this design approach focuses on creating a comfortable environment that will help employees to work productively in the office.

Ergonomic furniture is key, and there are more creative ways to incorporate ergonomic furniture in the office than ever before, allowing our interior designers to combine optimum levels of comfort with creative interior design in the workplace. For this reason, we offer bespoke furniture solutions to all clients by working with the UK's leading furniture manufacturers to find innovative and functional solutions. You don't need to compromise on design for creativity or creativity for design – both go hand in hand.

4. Texture Variations

Textured Carpet Planks in Our HQ //  Absolute Commercial Interiors, Harrogate

Textured Carpet Planks in Our HQ // Absolute Commercial Interiors, Harrogate

Current office interior trends involve the introduction of various textures and finishes throughout the workplace. Think textured furniture, contrasting floor textures and biophilic walls. There are endless ways of introducing texture into the workplace, and by doing so you can add great visual interest throughout an office while also enhancing certain interior features through the use of various stand-out textures. In our own office, for example, we've installed fantastic Interface carpet planks to give an almost 3D-effect carpet that has turned our flooring into a fantastic eye-catching feature.

5. Concentration Spaces and Quiet Rooms

Quiet Technology-Free Room //  FinancialForce, Harrogate

Quiet Technology-Free Room // FinancialForce, Harrogate

Open-plan layouts are now commonplace in many offices, but this doesn't mean that employees have to compromise on quiet and secluded spaces for them to retreat to should they need. In relation to activity-based working, we're seeing more libraries and quiet rooms being requested by clients, and alongside this, more furniture suppliers are extending their booth, pod and phone booth offerings.

These are just some of the office design trends we're focusing on this year and knowing how to use them requires a careful and expert approach. Here at Absolute, we're able to find the right interior solution for each individual business, designing and fitting out a space to its full potential. If you want to see some of these office interior design ideas within your workplace, get in touch!