Space Planning


What is Space Planning?


Space planning is all about optimising the limited space you have available. We conduct an analysis and then create 2D and 3D plans to demonstrate how we could transform your interior and optimise your space, helping you to operate more efficiently.


2D and 3D Design

Our 2D floor plans give you an overhead view of your space, showcasing how we would lay out the different areas of your interior to maximise the efficiency of your workspace. If you're after a much more visual representation of the interior then our designers can produce stunning 3D visuals of the interior so you can really begin to visualise the space before the construction has even begun. 


Absolute Flexibility

Your space needs to be tailored to your team and how they like to work. Whether you're office is more suited for the open-plan collaborative workstations or a more secluded, quiet environment - we'll make sure the balance is just right for your team, no matter how diverse your workforce is. Not every office needs slides and pool tables. Your space has to be functional and it has to work for you.


Room to Grow

Worried about how to accommodate a growing workforce or need to generate some space for planned future growth? We can analyse how you currently use the space and where there is potential to condense workstations and storage facilities to uncover space that's not being used efficiently. This may also extend your time in the current premises as it prolongs the need to move to a bigger site. 


are you looking to optimise your space?


Let us understand your spacial requirements and we'll create the perfect plan for you