The Design Journey 

During our commercial interior design service, our designers will get to know your business, learn about the way you work and find out how you use your space. Using our unparalleled creative flair we will then create an innovative design scheme that will ensure a return on investment for your business.


Site Analysis

Our commercial interior design process starts with an initial site visit where we conduct an analysis of your interior and surrounding area. This gives us the base from which to create a unique design concept that pays homage to your company and its values, as well as the building and location that your space is situated in.



We use moodboards as a visual tool to demonstrate our commercial interior design solutions and ideas, sourcing fabrics and finishes to create a well-thought-out scheme for you. Having this physical presentation will help you to get a real feel for the space and see the textures we plan on using!



We create a bespoke look-book at the start of each commercial interior design project, which details the choices for furniture, fabrics and finishes that we have hand-selected to help you visualise the space before construction begins.


Did you know?

We offer a turnkey commercial interior solution. This removes all the headaches and allows you to get on with looking forward to life in your brand new space. We can offer services to assist you in the following areas:



Interior Design FAQs


What is commercial interior design?

Commercial interior design refers to interior design for commercial spaces, such as offices, bars and restaurants. Commercial interior designers create bespoke design schemes designed around a specific space and the brief given from a client.

What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer?

Interior designers understand how different interior elements work and fit together. Using this knowledge and their awareness of the latest trends, interior designers can create a balanced environment that not only looks good but is practical and functional too.

What is the interior design process?

The interior design process usually starts with an initial brief given by the client. The designers then visit a space and collate inspiration and ideas, and a suggested floor plan. These are then put together in a document that is presented to the client, and further visuals can be provided. Once approved, the designs are given to the fit out team to be brought to life.

Where can I get inspiration for office design ideas?

To get inspiration for your office space, start by identifying what you want to achieve from your space. Once you know this, we recommend beginning your search on Pinterest or even look on as a starting point for your inspiration.

What does my office temperature need to be?

The ideal office temperature is said to be between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius to maximise productivity and comfort. Installing a good ventilation system is important to help you to not only achieve the best temperature for your office space, but also improve the quality of air within the workspace.

What is biophilia/biophilic design?

Biophilia refers to the love of life and the living world, and biophilic design refers to the use of natural and living elements in design. Indoor plants, living walls and natural materials are all encompassed within biophilic design and are known to improve wellbeing and happiness when used in design.