Commercial Furniture

Our dedicated furniture team hand-pick furniture and specify bespoke items to complement the style and requirements of your interior, giving you an ergonomically balanced, comfortable and creative space.


Tailored Solutions

Having worked with clients that range from small independent businesses to a world-famous football club, we've developed a level of expertise that allows us to specify a furniture scheme for just about every type of commercial interior. We will sit down with you to learn about your business and how your space is used, or is intended to be used. This gives us the basis to create a functional and flexible scheme that covers your unique furniture requirements.



Good ergonomics is important for happy and healthy employees and satisfied and comfortable customers, depending on the nature of your business. It's important to think about how furniture feels and functions to make sure it fulfils its purpose while meeting the needs of those coming into contact with it.


Flexibility and Agility

In a workplace, agile working is about providing an environment for your team that offers flexibility with minimum constraints. This creates a more responsive and efficient workspace for employees, which results in increased productivity and performance. As all individuals work differently, varied workspaces can benefit each member of your team and provide a range of settings for tackling various tasks.


Did You Know?

We offer a turnkey commercial interior solution. This removes all the headaches and allows you to get on with looking forward to life in your brand new space. We can offer services to assist you in the following areas: