Commercial Fit Out Service


Behind our team of creative designers are our expert delivery team who project manage and implement the build stage of the journey to bring all of our inspirational design concepts to life. We’re a commercial interior fit out company ready to develop your space from its shell to its well-designed core to bring your new interior to a show-stopping reality.


Fit Out

Cat A is the fit out process usually completed by the landlord to make a space fit for purpose, including: M&E aspects, ceilings, floors and blinds, as well as internal surface finishes. Cat B is usually completed by the tenant to suit their individual business needs, including: partitions, room construction, lighting, Audio/Visual equipment, and furniture. Our commercial interior fit out service can deliver both CAT A and CAT B fit outs to the highest quality.  


Mechanical & Electrical

You don’t need to worry about how all of the cables and data will get from A to B. We will take care of it and ensure that all of your systems are appropriately powered and connected throughout the whole of your space. M&E covers everything from heating and ventilation to power supply and telecommunications.


Project Management

Our sites regularly have a number of different teams working on various aspects of your space at the same time. To oversee everything, our experienced Project Managers and Site Supervisors will ensure that your project is kept on track and on budget. They will also provide you with weekly updates and photos of your project’s progress.



Did You Know?

We offer a turnkey commercial interior solution. This removes all the headaches and allows you to get on with looking forward to life in your brand new space. We can offer services to assist you in the following areas:



Fit Out FAQs


What is a fit out?

A fit out is the process of making an interior fit for purpose and occupation.

What is an Office Fit Out?

An office fit out is the process of making a commercial space suitable for occupation by either the landlord or the tenant business.

What is a CAT A (Category A) fit out?

A CAT A fit out refers to a fit out involving electrical and mechanical installations, raised floors, suspended ceilings and internal finishes. The result is a basic finish allowing the landlord to provide their tenant with a blank canvas.

What is a CAT B (Category B) fit out?

A CAT B fit out is the process that makes a space suitable for tenants to move into. It includes the installation of partitions, furniture, and branded design elements. This allows tenants to create an interior that is bespoke and suitable to their business.

What are dilapidations?

Dilapidations refer to the repairs made at the end of a lease agreement to return a space to its original condition, ready for the occupation of a new tenant.

Who is responsible for a fit out?

A fit out can be carried out by either the landlord or the tenant. Landlords often carry out the CAT A element of the fit out and tenants are usually responsible for the CAT B element.

What does M&E stand for?

M&E refers to Mechanical & Electrical in the construction industry. It relates to services such as ventilation, plumbing and data.

What is the difference between a fit out and a refurbishment?

A fit out involves the development of a blank canvas, whereas a refurbishment involves the renovation of an existing space.