Restaurant Design Trends Taking the Food Industry By Storm

Restaurant Design Trends Taking the Food Industry By Storm

In a competitive market, and a time where food delivery services are fast-growing and popular, it's more important than ever for restaurants to encourage people to visit their business in person.

The motivation that people have to dine out is experience. This makes it incredibly important that you're offering an exceptional experience for your customers. No matter how good a food delivery service is, a takeaway will never be able to compete with the experience of a great atmosphere and a quality environment that you get in a restaurant!

Good restaurant design is about achieving equilibrium between the food, service, and design - in effect, telling a complete story.
— David Rockwell

A well-designed space can place a business way ahead of any competitor, and new restaurant design trends are a brilliant indication of what restaurants can offer in order to appeal to both new and existing customers alike.

Here are some of the new restaurant design trends taking the industry by storm in 2019!

Indoor Greenery

Restaurant Design Trends

Greenery isn't limited to the salad dishes on your menu… Biophilia is a huge restaurant design trend that’s helping to transform the dining experience for many customers.

Indoor plants and flowers are brilliant at helping the restaurant environment feel fresh and vibrant, and they also help to improve the acoustics and air quality of a space.

Bringing the outside in is also a great way of allowing your customers to feel connected with the outside world whilst they remain indoors, which is particularly beneficial for spaces during the summer months.

Although biophilic design has been growing in popularity for some time, we expect to see designs growing even closer to nature and made even more vibrant with patterned wallpapers and fabrics.

Natural Materials

Complementing the indoor greenery trend is the increased use of natural materials within a space. 'Earthy' interiors are very ‘on-trend’ at the moment, and although this isn't a new interior trend so to speak, it's certainly having its moment in the restaurant design circuit.

The colours and textures introduced to a space, by using natural materials, can make a space feel calming, welcoming and comfortable; the three key elements that help to shape an exceptional customer experience.

Photogenic Focal Features

Restaurant Design Trends 2019 - 'Instagrammable' Design

Social media users have changed the way that many businesses approach their restaurant design.

The power of social media is so strong, when it comes to increasing brand awareness and influencing new customers, that it's definitely worth a huge consideration when planning the next scheme for your restaurant.

To encourage visitors to post photos of your restaurant online, you need to give them something worth shouting about.

Standout features such as neon signs and wall art are great focal points from a design and aesthetic point of view, but also serve as an excellent backdrop for the social-happy-snappers visiting your restaurant!

As we've mentioned before, 'Instagrammable' restaurant design can provide you with access to a whole host of new customers and provide some great exposure for the experience you are creating.

Comfortable and Flexible Spaces


As we mentioned earlier, it's the experience on offer that’s the key to a thriving restaurant business. Shaping a fantastic customer experience is more important than ever in a highly saturated and competitive market.

To combat this, new restaurant design trends are focusing on more than just the way that a space looks and are instead focusing on the way that they work.

From the moment your customers step through the door they are taken on a journey. A few simple design tricks can help you pave this journey to make it the complete experience for your guests.

To keep visitors in a restaurant for as long as possible, restaurant design trends are incorporating different types of spaces within a restaurant. Intimate booths can be balanced with sociable benches and informal bar seating.

This helps to break up the space visually but also provides different types of seating styles to suit the diverse preferences of your guests.

More Colour Variations

Colour Trends in Restaurant Design

It wasn't long ago that cool-toned and minimalistic Scandinavian-inspired spaces were taking the interior world by storm, but the on-trend colours for restaurants are changing.

New restaurant design trends are striking a balance between minimalism and maximalism, with a few more earthy and bold tones introduced.

Bolder colours have already been having their moment in residential spaces, but the trend is now beginning to filter through into commercial interiors.

Colour has a huge impact on energy and mood, and it's being used to benefit the overall customer experience by matching colours to a brand and its ethos.

For example, sage green is becoming increasingly popular for wellbeing-focused eateries and bold colours are a popular choice for the more eccentric and energetic brands.

With all the recent emphasis on ‘going-green’, plastics/waste reduction and the booming growth of veganism, green is fast becoming one of the most popular colours used in interior spaces.

Better Acoustics

Acoustics also have a big influence on the experience delivered within a restaurant, and new restaurant design trends are starting to bare acoustic considerations in mind from the outset.

As covered in our previous blog post, there are various ways in which the design of a space can improve the acoustics within it.

On top of the space planning, there are additional steps you can take to reduce the unwanted noise that’s polluting the air of your space, such as acoustic ceiling baffles, and wall panels that you can disguise as art pieces.

Poor acoustics and loud environments can negatively impact the customer experience, and to combat this, businesses are spending more time focusing on the acoustic solutions that will benefit their space and the experience had within it.

It’s the latest restaurant design trends that are helping to redefine the restaurant experience and encourage customers to choose a restaurant over its competition!

We can help you to optimise your interior and transform it into an outstanding space that shapes an unforgettable customer experience!

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