Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Should I Stay or SHould I Go?

Not just a classic punk-rock song by The Clash from the early 1980's, it's also the question on every business owner's mind whenever their commercial lease is nearing the expiry date.


Have I got the best office space design?

When you agree the lease on a commercial property, it's generally based on a 3, 5 or 10 year agreement. During this time, it's entirely possible that your team could have doubled, or even tripled in size or  have a completely different requirement f


Do I need a new office?

The good news is that significant growth within your team doesn't necessarily mean you need to start looking for a new premises!

In fact, staying where you are and employing a workplace design consultant to assess your space and advise you on how to re-plan your office to create a fresh layout that maximises your space could be the most cost effective and practical solution for your business. 

 There's so many potential headaches that come attached to a lease expiry date. Why not let the experts take care of the problems and leave you to get on with your job?

There's so many potential headaches that come attached to a lease expiry date. Why not let the experts take care of the problems and leave you to get on with your job?

Is my office too small?

Just because you've found yourself asking 'is my office too small?', doesn't necesarily mean that it is. As technology has evolved over the years, manufacturers of furniture and technology have made their products much more compact. 

This means that in the 3/5/10 years you've been in your office space, the real estate required for the day to day running of your business could be far smaller than your current space plan permits.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your spacial requirements and create an optimised and more effective workspace for your business. 

 There are so many great benefits to being able to stay where you are and not face all the associated costs of moving your commercial premises. Financial, logistical and practical! 

There are so many great benefits to being able to stay where you are and not face all the associated costs of moving your commercial premises. Financial, logistical and practical! 

Why re-plan my office?

Put a hold on calling the office move services and stop the search for your new premises! There are a few things that are vital to consider before making such a big leap with your business and why re-planning your existing workspace may be the perfect solution for your business. 

  • Moving Costs - Not only will you have to pay to transport all of your office furniture, but there's also all of your technology, data cabling, stored items and your staff to think about as well. 
  • Estate Agent fees - Just like when buying a house, the agents who help you acquire your new premises will need paying when it's all over with!
  • Dilapidations on existing premises - whether you know about them or not, there's a good chance that you'll have dilapidations written into your lease agreement. This means you'll have to pay have works carried out to return your office to it's original state. 
  • Negotiating a new lease - Negotiating a new lease with your current landlord might mean you'll be able to get favourable terms over negotiating a lease with someone who's looking for new tenants.
  • Fit out of your new space - don't forget! As well as restoring your old office to it's original condition, you'll have to fit your new space out to make it fit for purpose for your team as well... Double whammy!
  • Downtime for your business - Moving offices can be a very disruptive time for a company. All your staff need to be transported from one destination to another, along with all their furniture and equipment. Then you've got the time spent installing everything at your new premises and any glitches that might happen with your data or electronics during the process. 
  • Staff not willing to travel - Imagine finding a new office outside the city centre and signing a ten year lease, only for some of your best members of staff to turn around and say they aren't prepared to take an additional mode of public transport to get to work. Or their new route to work would make it too inconvenient for getting their children to school in a morning?

When is the right time to relocate my office?

If you're starting to remove breakout areas and collaboration spaces that people enjoy from your office in order to increase the occupancy then maybe it is time to think about upgrading the size of your premises. 

Individuals appreciate the fun and relaxed spaces in the workplace because it helps them to take a proper break from their work, and unwind ready for the next challenge.

If you start to take these perks and incentives away from your team, it can quickly effect their moral, team spirit and sense of well-being in the workplace. Sometimes people will fall out of love with their job and look to move on somewhere where they are better looked after by their employer. 

So far, it might sound like we're completely against the idea of moving offices. But honestly, we're not! Sometimes a much larger space for your growing team is the only option and if so that's something to be proud of! Think about some of the benefits that relocating your business might offer your company, such as: 

  • Transport links - moving closer to the public transport links might offer a huge boost your team who now have an easier route to and from the office
  • Accessibility - How easy is it for your team and your clients to actually get to your office? What about if they have a disability, is it still accessible?
  • Size - You're going to be signing another long term agreement on your new space, have you thought about the size requirements for your current team, all your storage and technology as well as any space you might need for future recruits?!
  • Local amenities - If your team are blessed with choice at your current premises then don't forget they've got a lot to miss if they have to move to a more remote/rural location!


How Can Absolute Help?

We'd always advise starting this process with a workplace consultancy. We will send an expert from our team to your premises, who will conduct a workplace analysis and advise whether it is possible for your to re-plan your existing office and future-proof the space, or whether you will in fact have to move on to a new premises!

Once the analysis has been completed, our complete workplace package can begin.

We offer a complete solution for your commercial interior, covering design, space planning, fit out, refurbishment, furniture supply & install, move management and dilapidations, no matter whether you're staying in your existing office or moving to a brand new space up or down the country. 

Don't forget that absolutely all of our projects come with complete project management, giving you yet another form off effective pain relief for one of those business related headaches!




While Engage were searching right across Leeds for a brand new office, we helped them realise that the true potential was just a couple of floors below their existing office in Munroe House in Leeds.