A New Era and New Office for Absolute Commercial Interiors

The next step...

After a number of very successful years at our Harrogate home, The Old School House, we have reached the end of an era at Absolute.

As we are experiencing a period of rapid growth within the company, our lovely home has become too small to house all of the amazing creative talent that we've been lucky enough to recruit over the eleven years that we've been designing and creating great places to work.

Therefore, the time was right for us to seek out a more spacious residency for our team


Why are we moving?


We now have around twenty more members of staff in the Absolute team than we did when it all started eleven years ago. That is a huge increase to our team and a significant change for our spacial requirements. 

Our new office space will increase the square footage we have at our disposal as well as improving the configuration possibilities for the space.

As our office serves as a showroom for the service and quality that we offer, we will be creating an innovative space with a real 'Wow!' factor


A bigger space means a greater possibility to create flexible working environments for our team and better meeting spaces for any of our visitors. 

Our current office is split across two floors of the same building, and merging the two offices into one at the new premises means we will have a much more fluid and functional space to work in.  


For anyone who has visited our Harrogate office, you will know that parking is not the easiest on Grove Road.

The great news is, that our new office has an enormous parking facility and also allows for easier access (without having to navigate the Harrogate traffic) when travelling between Harrogate and Leeds City Centre. 

Not to mention that there's a train station at the bottom of the road!


Where are we moving?

We know you'd love to know... but for now, it's a secret! 

We'll have plenty of updates to follow as the works progress and you can follow us on our social channels for progress reports and photos of the project as it unravels!


We hope you'll come and visit us in our new showroom and workspace when it's completed.

We will be in touch to let you know our new address when the time comes!