Celebrations and Exciting Changes for Absolute!


The end of our financial year here at Absolute means one, very important thing – summer party! Each year, we all come together to celebrate the previous 12 months and plan for the year ahead. It's a great excuse for us to reflect on all of the challenges and successes we've experienced whilst rewarding our hard work.

We've had an exciting journey over the past 12 months, having welcomed new faces, partnered with new companies, worked on fantastic projects and steered towards new and exciting ventures. So in true Absolute fashion, we celebrated with plenty of pizza and prosecco!

In addition to our celebrations, we all feel extremely proud of where we've come since last summer, and it's the dynamics of our team that plays a huge role in our overall growth and success. In light of this, we've made a few exciting internal changes to enhance our development even further.

Phil Brown, our founder and previously our Managing Director, has become the CEO of the Absolute group. Having started the company over 10 years ago, Phil will now divert his focus away from the day to day management of Absolute and instead focus on guiding the direction of the ACI group and ensuring that we continue to go from strength to strength.

It is a privilege to become CEO of the growing Absolute Group and lead us into the next exciting phase of our development. We are now a fantastic solution-led interiors service in Leeds, London, Newcastle and the Midlands. Your vision, Delivered.
— Phil Brown, CEO

Max Clark, our Operations Director, has now become Managing Director for the North. Max‘s new role will allow Phil as CEO to focus on business-changing decisions and strategy, which will strengthen and support all aspects of our team and work!

I am extremely honoured to be given the opportunity of being MD for Absolute. I take the position very seriously and will do all I can to continue to build on the fantastic culture we have here of collaborative, honest working with both our clients and each other, where we can demonstrate our passion for what we do and have fun in the process.
— Max Clark, MD (North)

Joe Elder remains the Managing Director of London for Absolute, which is doing tremendously well. Venturing into London was an exciting business decision but one that we knew would take time to truly crack. Joe, however, has done a brilliant job of getting the Absolute name out there and has found some brilliant clients for us to work with. Exciting times are ahead as we have lots of brilliant London projects coming up!

So, what does this change mean for the future?

With such a strong and growing team of passionate professionals alongside a supportive company culture, we are able to take on more, bigger and more challenging projects! It also means that we can continue to focus on not just office spaces, but also restaurant interiors, bar refurbishments, leisure spaces and so much more. We can transform any commercial interior!

Now that our end of year celebrations are over, we're all feeling super inspired and excited for the future of Absolute. A huge congratulations to Phil and Max for their progression and we can't wait to see where it takes us. And, of course, a huge thank you to all of our clients, partners and followers for your continuous support.



TeamSafiya Shaikh