Commercial Space Planning 


The key to creating a design-savvy and functional commercial interior is to optimise the available space to its full potential. During your design and build project, we work with you to offer practical and creative solutions that will benefit your interior now and in the long term. Our designers will help you zone key areas to incorporate the wider design concept.


Space Planning in Action

We develop in-depth 2D floor plans to give clients an overhead view of their space and showcase how we would arrange the different areas of a commercial interior to maximise its function. For an even better visual representation, our designers can also produce you with stunning 3D visuals within our space planning service. This is a great way to really visualise your space before construction has even begun.


Tailored Design

Your space needs to be tailored specifically to you and your business to provide you with the most benefits. Creativity is important to some whereas functionality may be a priority for others, and then there’s the businesses that need a bit of both. During our commercial space planning process, we take the time to understand your company so that we can provide the very best spatial design for your interior.


Optimised Space

Optimisation is a crucial part of our commercial space planning process. We optimise your interior to make sure your space will be used in the best and most efficient way, whilst carefully considering every corner of your interior to make sure no area is wasted. We take the time to think about solutions that will improve the functionality of your space whilst also meeting the high aesthetic standards that we pride ourselves on, as well as future-proofing your space for the planned growth of your company.


Did You Know?

We offer a turnkey commercial interior solution. This removes all the headaches and allows you to get on with looking forward to life in your brand new space. We can offer services to assist you in the following areas: