Commercial Move Management


Does the thought of moving a business from one premises to another seem daunting? Don’t worry! We’ve got an expert commercial move management team on hand to take care of the move so you can keep your attention on running your own business.


Relocation, Relocation

Our commercial move management package comes complete with project management to ensure that everything you need to run your business is transferred to the new premises and set up in the correct area of your new space.


Furniture Installation

Whether you're keeping your existing furniture and taking it with you or purchasing a new suite to complement the new space, our installation team will make sure everything is set up for your swift move into your new interior.



Moving your commercial premises is a big task, but passing the headache onto us allows you to focus on running your business while we prioritise a smooth transition for you.


Did You Know?

We offer a turnkey commercial interior solution. This removes all the headaches and allows you to get on with looking forward to life in your brand new space. We can offer services to assist you in the following areas:



Move Managment FAQs


How to move a business to a new location

A move management company can do all of the physical moving for you. This includes the transfer of all your furniture, technology and documents. You then need to inform your customers of your new address and update the information on all of your online profiles and stationery.

How to manage an office move

The best way of managing an office move is to hire a good move management company to organise all of the move for you. This allows you to focus on the things that really matter to your business. All you then need to do is inform your customers and employees of your new premises.

What is move management

Move management refers to moving a business and its employees to a new location. The process involves the coordination of all aspects of a business, from furniture and stored documents to technology and data.

Will an office move interrupt the running of my business?

There are various tactics to minimise the disruption to a business when moving. It is best to do the major move over a weekend or out of hours and whilst employees aren’t working. This way, everything can be ready in the new location once your staff step through the door.

When should I start planning an office move?

It’s never too early to start planning an office move, but it is recommended to start planning your office move around 6 months in advance of the date you need to be in the new premises.  

Is an office move right for my business?  

Deciding whether to move office or not is a difficult decision to make. We recommend that you properly evaluate your current space using a Workplace Consultant, as it might be that your current space has the potential to work better for you if you make better use of the space. This would save your business money on the cost of moving.