There's nothing more demotivating than an uninspiring office space that no longer works for you and your team. You might be considering an office relocation if you're getting itchy feet and have a lease event coming up, but unfortunately all too many businesses decide to up and leave their premises at the end of their lease without knowing all of the options available to them and without fully assessing the risks associated with relocating offices.

The answer to improving your workspace and offering more functionality and space to employees might not lie in an office relocation, but in an office refurbishment; transforming your current office into a functional and creative space that fits you, your employees, and the space you already have.

Before committing to an office move, consider the following benefits of opting for a renovation over a relocation. We often consider a refurb the superior option, and not because we get separation anxiety, but because we see potential.

Benefits of choosing an Office Refurbishment over an Office Relocation

Transform your office into an inspiring and functional space //  Engage, Leeds

Transform your office into an inspiring and functional space // Engage, Leeds

1. Avoid office moving costs

Moving offices is by no means an inexpensive process, but it may be even more costly than you originally think. The costs of transporting all of your office contents and furniture requires a hefty budget, but you also need to take into account any agents fees after the move has taken place. Additionally, there may be a clause in your lease agreement that requires you to pay to return your current office back to its original condition at the end of your lease.

If the thought of these office relocation costs is already making you squirm, you might want to hold onto your chair a little tighter, as Real Business identified 15 additional hidden costs of moving offices. With a business relocation being such an expensive option, it's worth considering how far that budget could go if you were to invest it in revamping your current office space instead. Food for thought?

2. Potential negotiation opportunities

If there's one thing we're good at, it's working to a budget, and we know how important it is for a business to save costs wherever they can. Having a business relocate to a new office is every landlord's worst nightmare - unless you were nightmare residents – as landlords don't want the hassle of finding a new business to fill their office space and they certainly don't want to run the risk of missing any payments whilst the space is empty. You can use this to your advantage and negotiate your terms with them if you were to stay. Subsequently, these savings can then be invested back into transforming your office!

3. Increase employee retention and satisfaction

Have you considered the impact that an office move would have on your staff? Even with the right intentions, moving offices can have a huge impact on your employees, especially if the new location affects their commute. If a new office is less accessible to your team than their current situation, there is a high possibility that they will start looking for other options.

If an office move wasn't stressful enough, having to look for new employees is a costly headache that can be easily avoided by considering an office refurbishment in your current space.

4. Office relocation is no quick fix

If you're looking for a quick fix to your office woes, moving locations is not the answer. Truth is, finding the perfect solution is not something you should cut corners on. Choosing to relocate offices is extremely disruptive when you consider the downtime of your business during the move, overseeing all of the aspects of the move, and moving all of the office contents and staff. Not to mention all of the smaller but time-consuming and costly tasks of changing your location on all necessary digital outlets, business cards, etc, too. It's a faff, let's face it, and the outcome might be an office that still doesn't work for you, which leads us to our next point…

5. Moving might not correct the problem

Among the disadvantages of relocating a business is that it's difficult to find a place that perfectly suits you and your employees straightaway. It's likely that you would still need to invest some money into buying new furniture and furnishings to fit the new office. This, in addition to the costs of moving offices identified in our first point, can burn a big whole in your business' wallet. In such situations, setting a budget aside to refurbish your current office space can be a much more effective use of money and the outcome can be better than you could possibly imagine! In doing so, you can soon be reaping the benefits of having a creative and inspirational workspace.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

With all of these points in mind, we urge you to consider the space that you're in and think about whether it has the potential to be transformed into an office that works for you and your team. Don't worry if you don't have the ‘vision', leave that to us! Just take a look at our portfolio to see how we adapt all projects to each client in order to produce an inspirational, creative and functional space. Are you still unsure on whether it makes sense for your business to stay or to go? We’ve got just what you need…


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